Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.


Most of our packages come with:

  • Props

  • A digital copy of prints

  • Unlimited photo sessions and unlimited prints during your rental period

  • On-site printing of photos, unless booking social media only 

  • Custom photo strip design

  • Choice of color, black & white, or sepia

  • Delivery, setup and breakdown within 40 miles of Troy, Michigan (48085) or Mansfield, TX (76063)

  • Friendly and professional attendant

* Our Social Media Booths may not come with an attendant or prints.  Those are extra add-ons for the social media booth.

How many hours should you book?
​Each session takes approximately 1-1:30 minutes depending on how long each guest takes to choose props, organize their group etc.  Please keep that in mind as you book your rental time.  We cannot be responsible if all your guests do not get a chance to take a photo in the booth if you did not book enough hours to accommodate all your guests.  
​For Example, you book two hours and have 200 hundred guests.  During a two hour rental, you will probably get between 100-120 sessions if there is a constant flow from beginning to end.  If everyone takes one photo session in groups of two or more, you can probably get a photo for everyone, however, if they take individual pictures or come multiple times, everyone may not get a chance in the booth.  When there is a long line, we try our best to hurry the process along but cannot guarantee everyone will have their chance if not enough rental time are allotted.